Back In Brussels: Preparing shop

This is just a teeny tiny post to say that I am happily back in Brussels! 

Everyone says Brussels is boring and I have my turn of biatching of how Brussels weather is like a woman on PMS- cannot make up its bloody mind (on the bright side, this has made Belgians such wardrobe layering artists! Though it does involve different shades of grey.)

But even with the yummiest paella and jamon serrano in Barcelonetta- Brussels and this bullshit blog is on my mind.  And I missed you, my bullshit readers- it is corny, i know and i wasn't in a hurry to get back to blogging, i admit - but yes, i did.  

Got so many great posts and new ideas planned for action (read- not have gotten my butt out of the sofa just yet)

What is next, i have been cleaning shop, (for a week now) and I pulled a muscle from my shoulder to my elbow down to my fingers.  I tell people that it is due to this fancy backward smash i do in volleyball - but it also could well have been from too much vacuuming.  But I am sticking to my backward smash story.  (You so didn't have to know that, but, heck, i have got to present my excuses why after weeks of vacation i only have this poor excuse of a blog post instead of a big bullshit revelation!)

I will be answering mails, and comments (thank you! thank you for not giving up on me!) individually and without fail and am working on new blog ideas for now and will be posting after the holidays.

In the meantime- please allow me to wish you a fabulous ballsy bullshit-free holiday season!!!  
Be blogging soon!!!


  1. I now have 224 followers non-coerced followers! Yey! Thank you!

  2. Yay.. glad to see you back. Enjoy your holiday season!

  3. Looking forward to your return!

  4. glad your back! I love your posts ^-^

  5. Yay, you're back!
    By the way, what are you doing in Brussels?
    I live in Belgium ;-)

  6. Hello Mistress Zombie, Elvie, Anna!

    Thanks for the welcome note- i wish you happy holidays!

    Hi Veerle-
    I live in Brussels! We should have coffee then! Holiday cheers!

  7. How fun is that! I do live in Antwerp though.

    I'm moving to the Netherlands in about two weeks, so if you want to have coffee we might need to hurry up ;-) I'm always available on Tuesday afternoon.

  8. Oh Verlee, after i wrote my last post, i was bedridden sick- snowed in my house with nothing to eat on Christmas day!
    Forgive me for not taking advantage of the two weeks you were still in Belgium- but weather was - uhm- shit.
    Perhaps when you visit Brussels? Who knows! Happy New Year!!!!

  9. Happy New Year!
    That's okay, I'm still in Belgium :-)
    I do hope you're feeling well now? And so sorry to hear you didn't have anything to eat on Christmas day! If I'd known I would have made sure someone (or maybe myself) would've brought something around for you.
    And yes darling; weather was very shitty.
    I'd love to visit Brussels someday; I'll let you know when I do! If you should have the time; Thursday's my birthday and I have absolutely nothing to do in the afternoon and after supper (my boyfriend lives in Holland and can't make it to my B-day and my best friend is in London with her BF); so if you haven't any plans yet; we might still be able to make it to that coffee?

  10. ahh you're back *g* I know, I'm way too late ^^ but I was so busy, I really had no time at all to read all my fave blogs and enjoy my hobbies and try out the new things I found out about ... *sighs*
    But it's great that you are back! *hugs* :))

  11. Caitlyn!!! Welcome back!
    I am on my way out tonight so just a quick *hug* and i will have the pleasure of reading your comments this weekend.
    I missed you girl!


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