Breaking my silence...

to repost this...

while I am trying to get my blogging mojo back.


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    1. not mine, but yes, its just too good to ignore:-)

  2. Come back!
    This world needs you :D !

  3. Lol I love this video! Haha, awesome! Do come back, you hear. ;)

    1. I am trying Ulmiel! Great to hear from you:-)

  4. Please come back! I just thought of you and this site 2 secs. ago when I saw that Cle de Peau launched a regular moisturizing but calling it "lip luminizer"....

    Now Im seeing bullshit everywhere I turn and you just bursted my bubble and I thank you for that! Please keep on doing so! Probably some bullshit about lipglosses (arent they all the same?) and foundations... I here that people who make them really dont want to wear them because they see what goes into it...

    I also watched a show the other day called "Burn Notice" and my god... That could be this blog... If you were a spy and if this blog would be turned into a tv show ;)

    1. I watched Burn Notice. Haha! Yes, that could have been me, though I have no desire of getting back in the industry no more. My ship has sailed on.

  5. Yes! I've been thinking about you. I was hoping you hadn't gone off never to return to us again.

    This video is so true. Love it!

  6. So pleased to see you pop up in my feed reader! I've missed you - I need your influence to keep my ability to believe everything that the marketers say at bay!

    1. Missed you too! Trying my darndest to write afain.

  7. Your posts are missed! Hope to see you back in action very soon! :)


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    1. I am trying Antonia:-) Thank you for making me feel missed. I am truly touched.

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    1. Rowena, please come back :)
      It's no fun without you ... just last week I bought 3 new mascaras (because they were buy 2 get 3), even though I was half way sure they were the old mascara in only new packaging ... and ugly packaging, to be honest ... I know that sometimes the packaging gets me and overrides my brain, but this time it was just like "ooh something new and shiny and buy 2 and get 3 and aaaah" ... I also had worked for 12 hours and wasn't quite sane ...

      Now the nail polishes I just collect for the sheer fun of it, for all those beautiful colors and I do use most of them *gg* but most of the face-make-up stuff I just buy and then leave it lying around the house, or try it once or twice and then forget about it. *sighs*

      So .... I'm going to put a big black witchy cauldron right here, and I remember to fish all toads out of the well-water, before I boil it, right, now I add some spoonfuls of mo and jo ... and some glitter ... and a picture of a black kitten ... and some moonbeams ... and spiderwebs ... and empty promises ... and lots and lots of duochrome shine and glimmer and shifting lights ... then I add a few pounds of pink sugar ... nice and sweet ... now I call for the bats and let them take a bath in it ... good, good ... now simmer and simmer and simmer ...

      *searching for a suitable container*
      *finding a deep violetblue glass vase*
      umm ... well, why not ...
      *filling the glass vase with the liquid ingredients of the cauldron*
      *try just a few drops*

      mmmhm tastes like rum-punch ... ^^

      *puts the vase on Rowenas kitchen table and disappears into the dark*

      if this doesn't bring your mojo back, you probably need to go on a nice vacation :) and look at some puppies :) and paint a watercolor picture :) then throw it away, because watercolors are almost always boring, with only a few exceptions ... then try again with really bright and vivid acryl colors, there you go ...

      Now go to some video platform and search for Irina Akulenko tribal fusion belly dance ... watch it in awe ... try some moves yourself .. and just before you break something, sit down, take a sip of the special, personally brewed for you mojo in that blueviolet glass vase *gg* and come here again and write about your experiences and your sight of the world ;))

      we'll be here, waiting for you ;))

    2. Caitlyn, you are crazy! And I absolutely lurv you!
      There, there, I am writing again even if I am not too happy with what I am writing. Only hope for your understanding till i get back my funk back.

  10. Thank you, thank you for all these comments and for still being here after such long silence from me. I am trying hard to get my blogging mojo back. In the meantime, forgive me for the practice articles I am publishing. Hopefully, I get back to speed as I go along.


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