To those of you who want to understand yourself better (and you should because marketeers do and they are using what they know against your better judgement),  I present to you- a book.

Yes, a book because if we continue to form our judgements through memes, we are doomed.

But I am making this book fun that you don't even realize you are reading. It's like having RuPaul read to you a bedtime story about the science of your sexy mind.

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This book will change your life! Or not.

Beauty and the Bullshit blogger Rowena, infiltrated and hijacked a woman’s BS detector for the last 25 years in the name of beauty - creating gajillion worth of industries that enriched a few.

But what has become the rest of us?
  • Life coaches and pyramid sellers flooding our newsfeed to keep up with credit card payments; 
  • Angry cat-lovers posting naked-ass actresses who shed their mink stoles for the day to protest animal testing; 
  • fat-ass twerking, legging-wearing, bacon-eating, diabetically-fearless voice of the bullied; 
  • the increasingly autistic Kardashian loving/hating population; 
  • and .. oh, ew, THAT Coco Rochas lipstick! 
Yes women, all these happened with our good intention. Now, it is time we remove our blindfolds, take back our power and have real beauty and our dignity back.

In style, of course.

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