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I might be a biatch in writing, but I am really pretty tolerable in person.

ELLE Belgium says: (translated from original)

What "The Devil wore Prada" is to fashion,
"Beauty and the Bullshit" is to cosmetics.

Ironia, recensioni (a volte) impietose e ingredienti sotto la lente. Sono i segni particolari di Beautyandthebullshit, ovvero il lato meno patinato del mondo della bellezza. Altro punto di forza, oltre ai contenuti “affilati”, un’accattivante grafica vintage.

LoveLaughLauren says:

Her posts are informative, to the point, and she writes with a forgiving humour, I promise, once you start reading you won't be able to stop.

A real must read for any beauty fanatic.
Little Miss H says:
I discovered this very recently and I don't think it will be long before it has flocks of followers.

HBL Finnish Newspaper says: (translated from Finnish)

And the prize for best blog name goes to the Beauty and the Bull Shit . There. Dare to wade through the creams and demand information.
Nieuwsblad says: (in Dutch)
Beauty and the Bullshit tells you the lie behind the lipstick- informs women how the world of cosmetic works so they make conscious choices.

Make Up savvy says: 
This blog is my new found favourite. Totally different from most blogs I follow and one that I have to put time aside for, as Rowena posts are pretty thought provoking and always brutally honest which is something I love about her blog.

All Lacquered Up Says:
I discovered a fantastic new site thanks to my pal Meredith from Retrodiva’s Beauty.   It’s rather new but the writer behind it is all about demystifying the claims cosmetics companies spew at us. Love it!

De Standaard: (in Dutch)
A full page interview of Rowena.  With an accompanying mug shot .

Amyopoly said:
I find the notion really interesting, and even though she only has a hand full of posts, she seems to have some good information, so best believe I’ll be keeping an eye on her website. You should check it out, too!

Jezebel said: 
A new blog written by a former beauty insider meant to unveil all the bullshit claims companies make.   Power to the people!

Cosmopolitan UK. Sep 2015.