Wow!  You are contemplating to work with me after all that I have said and done. Why my hats off to you, my fellow ballsy friend!

I may be a ball breaking biatch, but trust that I am no J'Lo and treat everyone due respect.  However, as it is to both our interest to keep this blog as arrogantly opinionated as France and as politically independent as Switzerland, I have set some ground rules.

If you are representing a brand, here are some options...

I accept paid ads but not at any cost. I may or may not care about these products but sure. Some minor guidelines:
  • NO BLINKING ADS. They are annoying and get in the way of my fabulous content. 
  • NO PORN. I want my readers to read my posts in peace while stealing company time. 
  • NO PROPAGANDA. The only ones who are allowed to have an opinion here are me and my readers. 
Let us just be clear though- me blogging about them as well is not part of the deal.

I do not use hypes such as raffles, contests or surveys to lure readers to my blog.  So please do not think that these are doing me any favors.   As these are all advertising guised under sheep's clothing, they are charged like any advertising material and billed the hours spent by my VA.

My product reviews are a service to the reader and not the brands.  As in really.
Reviews are free and samples, if you wish to send me are returned after testing, postage and handling to your expense.

However, this means:
  • If I do not think that reviewing your product will help my readers, then I won't.
  • I determine when reviews are best published.  No use badgering me to your deadline.
  • A review can go good or bad.   If you have given me your sample, I will take it as having lawsuit immunity from writing my mind.  
  • I do not give advanced copy nor do I modify my review 
  • I publish all the goodies and special favors that you send my way and let the readers decide if my opinion has been biased
  • If you want a link with that article, that link will be treated as advertising and will be charged and announced accordingly.
If  in spite of all these, you are still here, undaunted and armed with the strength of the belief that you have a damn good bullshit free product, then send me an email and I will write you my current location where you may send samples, copy of test results and patents and a postage paid return envelope to.

Also, kindly include the name and coordinates of the brand and formulation manager (nope, PR managers don't do it for me) who I may interview should I need to probe further into your product.

I regularly receive inquiries from would-be cosmetic creators,  job seekers or students who need help on their thesis.  Please understand that I cannot devote much time for this but try to if it doesn't take long.  But if you really are driven and/or desperate for help, I can give some paid consulting hours for you.

And for the reading public...

I would love to meet you, be your guest speaker and spill it all out live!  Go ahead and grill me with your burning questions!  It is going to be fun!

And finally, thank you for your continued readership.

- Rowena


  1. I love your blog. I will definitely post a link to my blog. Thanks for all your work!

  2. I love your blog, makes me laugh, makes me think about the money I'm spending on make up, makes me think about the product I'm holding in my hands in the store.
    I'd love to read also your thoughts on other topics, since I love your way of writing. And I'll spread the word about the blog, the next time I'm writing mine, since it's defintively worth our time. I wouldn't mind pay per read content system, as soon as I get all my credit cards and paypal fixed, if that will be the only chance to keep this blog going.
    I hope for the best solution of the blog problems!

  3. I sincerely hope that you can find a way of keeping your blog alive, it is one of the most refreshing, informative blogs out there. Kudos to you. And yes, a book would be great!

  4. I love your blog too. I'm linking it to my own and sharing every post on my Google reader.

  5. I <3 this blog, as you know.

    I copy and paste links to it on on the forums there. All the girls on there always love it. Especially for the newbies in makeup.

    a book would be a great idea!

    I'll be copying and pasting the link into MUA right now, bc I def don't want this to disappear!!!


  6. I love this! Would love to see a post on nail polish and all the dupey dupiness of it. I dono do you know anything about nail polish??

  7. I've shared your blog with a few people, since it's so awesome.
    It'd be so cool to help you work on it! I don't have a ton of blogging experience, though.
    I love what you're doing with the blog, and I'd totally buy a book if there was one.

  8. If you end up not being able to maintain your blog (which I hope isn't the case), a book sounds fantastic. It'd be an excellent resource for those curious about the behind-the-scenes makeup industry. Nowhere else can we find out just how much we're being fooled into paying $50 for a makeup item that's just all silicones and junk...

  9. I so love this blog, it would a shame to see it die :( definitely sharing on my facebook fan page!

  10. I wish I had skills to offer, but I am even less tech savvy than you I'm afraid. I'd definitely hope for non-cosmetic ads to pick up. We don't spend ALL our time on make up. I have no problem with a Donate button either. I pitch in to keep my favorite msg boards and web comics going. Why not you too? I know darn well you have a lot more readers than have bothered to register as followers, because I see more mention of your blog in various places. The only negative comment I've ever seen was from a woman I know who takes great pride in her high cosmetics.

  11. Hello Breeza!
    Thank you for making it this far at the post and for the blog link. Please let me know if you do and i will do a connect link in my blog as well:-)

  12. Dear Ulmiel,

    Thank you, thank you! I have my reservations on the pay per post but comments such as yours are encourageing. I have so far had 3 people who donated (thank you! you know who you are!) and with this encouragement i will put a donate button just below the post.

  13. Hello deLeon Cosmetics-
    Thank you- I am trying with the agents of "the devil wears prada" and the babylon series but we will see...

  14. Thank you echokitten! Gawd, i lurv your pseudo name!

  15. Hello Yvonne! Yes i know, and you are one of my favorite regulars:-)- i actually check if you have seen the blog yet (and Sandi as well!).

    You drive a lot f traffic to the blog and for this i am really thankful!!!! I got an offer from Groupon for ad placements but i am useless with inserting code- thinking whether you like to be partner of this blog.

  16. Hi Rikki!
    I am thinking of posting on nail polish next. Let us see if i survive this month for that.

  17. Thank you, thank you- Erica, Allista, Rafaella!
    Yes, my fingers are crossed as well!

    Have my ideas next on-
    nail polish
    the why on oil cleansers
    "naturals" and "organics"

  18. Oh Sandi!!!!
    I was actually thinking of you as one of those who can possibly be interested in collaborating. FB and twitter should be no probs but i just do not have patience for both. Got a groupon deal but pulling my hair on code insertion. I am too old for this:-)

  19. I have been share-happy with this blog ever since I found out about it.

    I wouldn't mind paying-if-you're-happy.
    I love the idea in general, not just in this blog, and it makes me want to pay more than the suggested sum in most cases (something would be 3 Euros, I'm reluctant to pay for the unseen; you give me the option to pay of my own free will, if I'm happy - I'll pay 5).
    That is all fine and dandy... until we come to the point that my country doesn't have PayPal, so my want is moot + I wouldn't want to speak for others, who might not have the money, even such a small amount, and who would feel a bit peer-pressured to pay or leave.

  20. I would love to collaborate with you - unfortunately I live in the UK (I'm not sure where you live but I gather it is not in the UK) but I am ready and willing to give you any help I can!
    I love the idea of a beauty and the bullshit novel! The paying idea I am not so sure about - I think you are too trusting and you may have a few fans who would pay but many more who would just read the post and move on without paying - why pay for something if you can have it for free? But that's just my cynical side showing!
    Like I said I am ready and willing to help you out in any way! (As a journalist I'm good with words if that's any help?)
    Let me know!!
    All the best for the future, I am now off to spread the bullshit!
    Sam xx

  21. Hi Rowena,

    The idea of a book would be great! I'll always support u! But would that be possible if u have to return to the bullshit world?

    Just another thought. Have u think about launching ur own line of "no bullshit" cosmetics?

  22. I am one of your lurkers following on your RSS feed, love your blog. I work full-time but I might be able to help out with tech-related issues here and there.

  23. Hello Manths, Cathy Lee, Ana, Cynthia-

    Oh thank you, thank you for all this! Idealist cynic me, I am hoping we can have a cooperative of women here battling the bullshit.

    On the pay if happy button, though women can donate more, i would like that the content of this blog be available to everyone, even if they do not have paypal and especially if they are financially challenged. gawd- yes, call me naive- that would be a good alternative to cynic.

    @sam, cynthia-oh, please send me an email. you do not need to do much but i would love to have you onboard!

    @cathy lee- cosmetic firms normally put a confidentiality clause and the terms vary. though it is my intent to expose the BS, it is not my intent to single out the company i work for which is why i had to delete my linked in profile. (it is not about revenge)

    on a no bullshit cosmetics- i have one on the drawing board for the last gawd so many years. and i tell you it is more exciting than the bullshit makeup. but it requires a lot of investment which i did not want from normal cosmetic firms and i refuse to do it without a team. met with virgin cosmetics about this eons ago, but somehow, it didn't push through, didn't get to meet the branson:-)

  24. You're one of the few blogs on my Google reader. I've forwarded the link to your site to my friends who, like me are makeup addicted. They are hooked on you, as am I lol.

    Will post this on my FB page. Oh yes, I'd certainly buy your book!

    Since I have been into nail polish recently, a post of that nature would be very much welcome :-)

    1. Hi Honeyjr!
      This response is sooooo overdue. My apologies as i didn't see this.
      But thank you, thank you thank you!

  25. I see this content/style being a great magazine. Maybe 4 issues per year. This you could charge for and more ongoing than a book.

    1. Oh woe is me! Only saw this comment now, sorry!
      But thank you Ali for this vote of confidence and hope to always deserve it.

  26. I think you've got a good action plan there:) I hope you never feel like you need to join the workforce!
    Have you considered joining Twitter Rowena?

    1. Thank you Jen! I am on twitter beautyandthebs.


  27. Hello. I found your blog when someone on a forum I frequent posted a link to your recent post on retouching. On my own blog, I occasionally comment on the bullshit that both beauty companies and magazines sling at consumers. It's nice to see someone doing the same on a larger scale. I've added your blog to my blog roll, and I will making a post about your blog shortly.

    1. hello Deb and sorry to answer only now. Please let m eknow of your blog here so i can include a thank you link back.

  28. I'm afraid my talents lie in the kitchen Rowena. You want to add a cooking section? lol. I >should< take some 'puter classes, but to be honest, I'm not sure I need to spend anymore time online than I already do. I justify it as my 'TV' time since I don't watch TV, but I'm lucky I have a tolerant husband.

  29. Hi Sandi! Sorry for this waaay overdue answer. Anyway, i might be travelling around more and would be happy to organize a no bullshit drinks with readers and hopefully meet the fascinating woman behind this cat picture.


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