Bullshit Bedtime Story: L'Ucifer Beheads the Bounty Hunter

There was a time, not so long ago, in a world that had not yet known the internet- when there existed faraway lands untouched by L'Ucifer.
For at that time, these lands were yet too small and unimportant in L'Ucifer's grand scheme of things who was then perfectly happy with the riches of the western hemisphere.
However that is, there were a number of entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity in bringing L'Ucifer's beauty bounties to these faraway lands.
These entrepreneurs shared their vision with L'Ucifer who in turn accepted their pioneering wisdom. 
In an act of benevolence, L'Ucifer granted a number of these entrepreneurs the right to represent, distribute and grow L'Ucifer in these faraway lands.
Each of the entrepreneurs applied themselves fully in their endeavor.
They all toiled for years - built offices, imparted knowledge amongst the locals, marketed, promoted, advertised, registered products - did all that it took- with the certainty that there will come a day when all their investments, their hard work, their strife will be rewarded. 
And that they will soon be bountiful. 
And so, as expected, after years of hard toil- the day did come when L'Ucifer's products have become well known and well distributed that they can already harness the profit from their labor.

But for each of these pioneers, without exception, soon as that day came-
 L'Ucifer appeared to take back the distribution agreement that they had.
The entrepreneurs were only given the opportunity to develop the market for L'Ucifer.

And once profit comes in, L'Ucifer took over.
For L'Ucifer never shares its bounties. 
It beheads the bounty hunters soon as they bring the prize.
So, the same question goes to my head, 
"Can a company who does this, really be worth it?"


  1. My apologies for the delay of this post- I was supposed to post Tactic8 but it wasn't nearly in shape - for days-aaargh!

  2. Hi Rowena, I just found your excellent blog and I am now a fully fledged follower!
    I have just been perusing through your posts from the very beginning, and Im very much liking your dry sense of humour and excellent writing style!
    What a great blog!
    Sooooo looking forward to reading more,

  3. I never like L'Ucifer products anyway (except for the hair colorings that salons apply on my hair-not my choice anyway). I tried one of their face creams once, it gave me acne. I am currently using their Gentle Eye Make-up Remover and I am planning on replacing it with my old brand Neutrogena because 1- it is not gentle at all.. it stings! 2-it doesn't remove mascara or eyeliners well.


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