When I used to work in the cosmetics industry, my cocktail chit-chat would go something like this-

With men:

Man  : I do not understand why women need so much make-up, when you women look much more beautiful natural- as you are right now
Moi    : Natural takes 14 products, that is how much I have on.
Man   : Ok, what I mean is - how you would look when you just got of my bed.
Moi    : The out of bed look needs 16 products.


My objective when I first started this blog was to expose the lies of the beauty industry so you can be smarter when you decide on buying cosmetics.

But a lot has happened till then. 

I witnessed that no matter how savvy the consumer gets, the cosmetic industry always ends up being the savvier.  It has taken the natural, the organic, the no animal testing, the environmentally conscious, the vegan movements – embraced it, hashtagged it,generated sic memes,  spinned it 180° and certified it as its own. 

In the meantime, we keep consuming. 

    • How many more Viva Glams do we really need?
    • How much more have we xxxtra sized our fries?
    • How often do we need to buy the season’s  IT bag?
    • How soon did we throw produce even before the expiration date? 

And how did they get to this level of cunning or is it us that got to this level of stupid?

So from the simple beauty exposé platform, I introduce here new topics of the blog. 

Because if we are to take back our control in this world gone mad, we need to be mentally armed from having our decisions manipulated. 

We need to know ourselves well enough to appreciate our own beauty and not be manipulated by a need for the industry’s approval.

We women, now more than ever, need to make peace with ourselves and each other and together, help each other regain control of our own decisions, and rein our world to wellness.

In every situation, you always have a choice. 

To do what is right or do what is convenient. 

I hope I can lead you to question deep on what is right, not just rely on logos, labels or self righteous hashtags.

And then together, we will grow a global spine rooted in love and do what is right. 

So here are just some of what I have in store:


  1. I have the feeling that your blog will soon be one of my top reads! It's interesting to get a real insight into the business side of the beauty industry :)

  2. Thanks for the comment and the words of encouragement Hinna! That is surely inspiring me in this sometimes lonely task:-)

  3. Hahaha I want to work in a cosmetics company, making cosmetics. Would love to learn all the secrets early! lol

  4. Hi Janna- thanks for the comment- I really enjoy hearing from you! I see you like nail polishes:-) I will try to write about them in the next few blogs. Let me know if there are brands that you favor for nailpolishes as I will be tackling that and the suppliers that make them. And best of luck!

  5. Hi Rowena

    I love "I am a woman, creature of beautiful irony". Did you wrote it yourself?

    When my boyfriend and I go out, he doesn't give me the time to put on my make up. He says I'm beautiful with no make up on. And I understand him, he wants to give me more self-confidence.

    But foundation is my armour.

    Without my armour I feel like everybody is going to attack me.

    I just love your blog.♥ Sofie

  6. Rowena - Thank you! I have no preference at all, any secret would be fun to know =]

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  8. Dear Sofie- Thanks for the comment!
    I can so identify with you! My ex-boyfriend is also into this no-makeup look and THEY do not know what they're talking about! Heehee!
    Yes! I wrote it myself- it was used in a book that I edited for my ex-company. Glad you liked it!

  9. Hi Janna- I will try not to disappoint you then.:-) I am taking a little more time for the next posting- but will come in soon- an inside view of product development!

  10. Hi there

    Having been in the industry for such a long time and knowing the "bs" that goes on, are there any brands that are less gimicky and produce quality products?

  11. Awesome, awesome blog. Looks like it will be lots of fun following you!
    p.s. not that the actual content of your blog isn't interesting enough, but when I read through it, it sounds exactly like the way I talk - straightforward, biting wit, & the occasional bad words that really hit the points home - so I really love that part! Keep it up!

  12. Hi Vonzi- I wish it was that easy- but NO. The answer to your question will be in a big revelation of a blog that will be coming later. Sorry that I cannot be more straightforward but it is a BIG BOMB that will require explanations. So hope you stick it out with me. I will try to make it fun in the process.

  13. Hi ScienceGeek- thank you! thank you!
    You talk like me? I like you already!

  14. I'll be waiting for that and sticking around!!!!!!

  15. I am so looking forward to reading your blog more, the quoted pic's and the way you talk [well type but who cares] is so sassy and fun to read, and dirt on make up is always good to know. XD

  16. You know, I think that a lot of women will go "oohhh how could I be so naive!" after reading your blog.

    It's a bit like telling us Santa Claus is dead and the Easter Bunny ate him up ^^
    If it existed.
    Which it didn't ^^

    It's like Alice in Wonderland, only that you let us get a glimpse of what the Red Queen has been doing all the time.

    Although we all know that models in magazines and in ads are photoshopped and no one has really that long legs or naturally that long lashes, we still want to look like that and buy the products that promise to make us look like that.

    And very often we get disappointed when the promised effect is not happening.
    We sometimes even think it's our own fault, wrong application, wrong base, wrong tools, didn't let dry long enough ...

    (btw, I am a huge nail polish fan and I would LOVE to hear what you have to say on them. My fave company is China Glaze, but I also own OPIs, Color Clubs, Essies, Zoyas, Nubars, Misas, Orlys etc. All in all I own over 400 nail polishes. And no, my boyfriend doesn't know how much money I spend on nailpolishes and mineral eyeshadows every month ... and let's keep it this way *grins*)

    So, I am very interested in hearing more from you!

  17. Not here, you there? Haha, sorry, I couldn't resist.
    Thank you for the vote of confidence! Now, I have got to kick my ass and write more.

    Hey Caitlin, Hmmm- have i got a revelation coming up that will shatter your world or make you save loads of money- depending on how you will take it.
    You know, after all these encouraging comments, I am thinking about organizing a field trip to the wonderful world of cosmetic (but not as you see it. It is like Disneyland for girls to make up for me killing Santa Claus. Heehee!
    But that is me just kicking around some ideas. But whaddyathinks?

  18. Ah finally! I suspected a few of the points you've already listed in your past blog posts, but it's nice to see that my fears were confirmed. So I have a few questions to ask you,

    I know you won't name names, but the cosmetic company you worked for, was it department store level or drugstore level?

    It seems like the product with the most bullshit about it would be Mascara, what would be in second place behind it in terms of bs us?

    I can't wait for that post you mentioned above to Vonzi! Hope it comes soon! You're so enjoyable to read haha. Some bloggers have to sugarcoat their words even when it's negative so it's nice seeing someone tell it like it is~

  19. Ah, I think I can take a little shattering if it helps me saving a load of money ;))

  20. Bring on the exposure...it's high time the bullshit was exposed. I've been a cosmetic marketer's dream for far too long!

  21. Haha, I love your cocktail talk with men, so true!

  22. Hi Arrianne- yes, it is like a skit i have on. Really happens- all the time!

  23. Hi Rowena,

    I like the way you talk :) I'm so sick of companies trying to be "socially responsible", launching this "vibrant, studio 54 discotheque" collection and then 3 months later, launch a "neutral, monochromatic" collection! Yeah, and tell me Eva Longoria wears Loreal foundation to the Oscar.

  24. I just found out about your blog from another blogger and I love it! I love it's candor ~ SO refreshing!!!

  25. Came here from BeautifulWithBrains.com... and I intend to stay a while.

    The only problem is deciding where to start - recent posts, popular ones or from the beginning?

    Loving it so far :D .

  26. Dear Budget Indulgence-
    Thank you!
    It is mad innit? Yet so profitable to be socially responsible!

  27. Hi OnceBitten-

    Oh thank you! And thank you to that blogger- is it TheNonBlonde or London makeUp Queen? Kudos to them, thank you very much!!!!

  28. Hi Ana!
    I checked out your blog and wanted so much to follow you back but there doesnt seem to be a follower button.
    Anyway, thank you very much for writing about this blog! I am soooo honored coming from a beauty and brain blogger as you!

  29. Nah, not Ana(stastia) of L&L, just Ana :) (but L&L is one of my daily reads, she's great).

  30. Where have you been all my life?! Finally somebody is saying all the things before I only suspected. Love you Rowena. And I am staying here till the end!

  31. Hello Rowena,

    I really love your blog. The way it’s written, its artwork and especially its message. It’s rare to find a blog that has all this. I’ve just started a blog and I already have linked to yours, since I feel like Beauty and the Bullshit should be on everyone’s list. You’re free to link back to my website. I would really appreciate it. If you have any advice or feedback for me please let me know.

    Kind regards,


  32. Thank you Karen!
    I will be linking to your blog that is for sure! I am launching anew blog design that includes more topics (including fashion) and hope it will also be to your liking!

  33. Replies
    1. Welcome Pandora's box! And happy to have you here!

  34. I'm from Brazil and I just find out your blog. I'm loving it! It has great things that we all should know. Tank's for sharing!

    1. Hello Manuela!
      Welcome to my blog and happy to have you here! Obrigada!

  35. Yep, like I said - liking it more every minute :)

  36. Hi

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    1. Hi Neha! thank you for the holler and letting me know about glipho.
      It is true, i never promote my blog because 1) I am a lazy bitch
      2) I am quite happy that everyone here was recommended by somebody else
      3) i suspect that the quest for more readers will affect my writing to please rather than to just lay down the painful truth.
      But, that is just me. More power to you!

  37. You are one "CooL Lady" I really like the way you express the "BullShit".

    All the best,


  38. Thank you Rudy! Now if you can only tell that to my secret love. Heehee! Cheers to you and welcome!

  39. Rowena,

    I am a huge fan of your blog! I found you while I was researching about going into the business side of cosmetics. I was just wondering what did you do to get into the beauty industry? What degrees did you have, who did you know, where did you go to school, what internships did you have, what made you stand out so much that they wanted you?

  40. Holy cow Rowena! You're like the awesome, no-nonsense tita I never had! I haven't even gotten through half of what you wrote yet (masakit kase sa dibdib to think of all the makeup lies I've swallowed all these years, dahan-dahan muno sa pag-basa) but I am amazed and appalled by everything you've revealed. I hope you don't mind I linked back to some of your posts in my blog as well, this info is so valuable and helpful! Hope you share some more in the future!


  41. Whoo hoooo! How did I not discover this blog sooner? Although I never worked in "the industry", I have a well calibrated bullshit detector and keep it cranked on high, especially when I'm handmaking precisely what I *hope* can be some small antidote =-) Aah!! So exciting... I can't wait to to read your archives. THANK YOU!!


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