(Photo credit: Ava Gardner)

Though I have taken it upon myself to confess to all my bullshit, not unless I am married to OJ Simpson's lawyer (that is the old Kardashian geezer, non?),  I cannot call all products, people or companies by their real names.

Instead, I give them cute little monickers like Damien or Lucifer- for even as much as Lady Gaga makes prison sooo fabulous in her last video, writing memoirs from Jail ala Mandela is not my bag.

I may also at times exaggerate for drama, sarcasm or PMS to drive a point.  I usually  make the exaggeration very obvious but I believe it is safer that I  include the disclaimer here for people who really deal with gajillions of dollars.

So that being said, if you think that what I have blogged resembles your evil company, person or product - my answer to you is something inspired from a Carly Simon song-
"You're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you."