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  1. Hi Rowena,
    as producer of organic cosmetics, i loved your remarks. in all cases, no exceptions, you're right. however, from your past experience, you know very well that consumers nowadays need to be impressed, shocked, surprised. otherwise no living soul will buy the stuff the industry pushes down their throat with big, flashy ads.
    if you just put a plain and simple product (otherwise good) in a non-flashy, washed-out packaging with no sensational claims on it... you know very well it won't sell.
    loved the bitching but give us positive and constructive tips on how a producer could pimp-up its claims and ads so they don't look bullshit.
    you have to admit one thing: the more ridiculous the ad, the better it sells.
    unless the client's dead or over 80, honesty and cosmetics have almost nothing to do with each other (free translation = no sales).

    1. Hi Anonymous! Oh I wish you would post non-anonymously, as i really give due respect to the opinions of the brave, however controversial your position is, i would love you (even the more)for it.

      But thank you for the appreciation and acknowledgment.

      Truth, a little self deprecation and creativity (not the dishonest kind), so rare in this industry will be much valued and judging from the response even of the few here, will be rewarded.

      But i do believe that producers have to have their financial ambitions in check. What lines are brands ready to cross just for the sake of sales? And just because everybody else is doing it is a reason to engage in it yourself.

      On tips to producers, this blog is in the service of consumers not producers as producers have all the means on their side to preach their word. I take the side of consumers.

      I do collaborate with those who really intend to make a difference out there- but is anybody out there who has the balls and creativity really? I would be the happiest to find one.

  2. Hi Rowena,

    Love your blog! I have a product for you to review, but your email keeps bouncing back. Is there another one I can use for contact? Hope all is well!

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you Katie!
      Have checked that email and cannot figure out what is wrong for now, in the meantime, have changed the contact above that you may use.

  3. Hi Rowena, I just stumbled across this blog, and I am absolutely smitten!

    I'd like to write, well, actually, I'd like to publish (because I've already written it) a post about your blog on mine. It's only my second post, because I just started, but I really wanted to share your blog with whomever decides to read mine.

    Do let me know, and also, can I just say, you're absolutely amazing.

    1. Oh Ingrid thank you!!!
      Please feel free to get the photos you need from here and let me know of your blog so i can give you a thank you link back.
      And more power to you!!!

    2. Thank you!!

      My blog is

      It's a fairly simple post, my attempt to do you justice, but I hope to introduce this great site to more people!

      Cheers! :) x

    3. Oh Ingrid, it is wonderful! Thank you! How could i not blog more with this show of appreciation? (Note to self, REALLY blog more!)

      And i wish you goodluck! Go and make a dent in the universe!

  4. Hi. Rowena.

    seems like you are not running this blog these days
    but I found out your blog and wanted to contact you.
    I already sent out my email so please check that out when you get to see this message!. Your advise should be big help for my future. Thank you.

  5. Hi, great blog! Can you tell us how to tell a good eyeliner from the crap ones and any/everything we need to know in between? Thanks a mil ☺

  6. Hi Rowena!

    I grew up being a tomboy with makeup being the last on my priority list. But then puberty came as well as a reality check that makeup does wonders to my average face. I recently got hired to be work as a Cosmetician ( I had no beauty school or anything like that. I'm just good listener and manipulator). I'm nervous as fcuk because I know close to nothing when it comes to makeup. (I still use my fingers to apply 99% of my makeup)

    Now that I've stepped in the front lines of the beauty industry, I got curious. I started looking for what careers I can move up to in the beauty industry, but everything Google gives me are being makeup-artists, a specialist in nail/hair care, and etc. Do you think you might be able to write a blog about all the career options out there in the beauty industry? Especially for those whose already strapped in a 40k student loan and really can't afford additional schooling to start this career field. I stumbled to your blog a few days ago when I was looking for career options, so if you already posted an article about the different careers, I apologize for being an annoyance!


  7. Just the biggest THANK YOU for your blog! I'm a bit sad that it took me soooo long to found you but better ever than never... Gotta tell you that I honestly adore this kind of humour and it is so rare to find something like this and like every single word you've wrote. Please, just don't stop doing what you're doing so perfectly...not now when I've finally found you!!! Thank you for making my day, month, year...


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