Why you shouldn't fear whitening soaps

In Asia, you will lament the fact that all they sell are whitening soaps- because er, people in Asia want to be white much the same way white people want to be bronzed.

Whitening soaps have enzymes which promote sloughing off of the outer layers of the skin. 

Skin has a 28 day cycle to renew itself, the topmost layer being the "oldest", ready to be shed away. This is the reason why all "wonder" skin creams promise a difference after 28 days- your skin did not just rejuvenate, that is really new skin right there bitch! 
So for the olive skinned- do not fear whitening soaps, it will not ruin your beautiful skin. It is just a marketing term to lure the insecures. 

A random thought- as I need to buy soap. #beautyandthebullshit