Descendants of Cain

Banished to barren lands

Death of sons, rape of daughters, eating their own kind

In their strife to survive 

Now in the land of plenty

Begotten through murder

Pride to hide the grief

Anger to hide the fear

Yet in the dead of the night

When the muddled words fail to bring comfort

When gluttony fails to fill the hunger

And the burning village fails to give warmth

It only takes to face the mirror

And forgive.

You were not bad my child

Just stupid


video recommendation: search for scientific adam, a documentary 


When the words have lost all meaning

When you cant tell right from left

When freedom feels like suffocating

When kindness gives us but torment

When search for better takes you deeper in a bottomless despair

When for peace we need to slaughter a neighbor outside  of our fence

When the truth is made of conflict with exceptions to the rule

When both science and religion favor those that take the reign

Then its time to use a language 

Thats incapable of lies

Go inside yourself in silence 

For only there, the truth resides