Rowenaism #8

(that's my mum)
This rowenaism is for my mum.  
She likes posting about my accomplishments in the church bulletin board.  
When I was a child, it annoyed me so.  
But now, I would do anything to make her happy.  
I love my mom.


  1. apologies for the long delay in my posting.
    i am making some more touches on pencil porication, the sequel and will be posting it shortly!

  2. Mum's are the best - I think it's not till we get older that we really appreciate them!
    I'm glad your back to blogging!!
    Sam xx

  3. your mom looks gorgeous .. if you told me the pic was taken in 2011, I'd believe you - timeless beauty!!

  4. Glad you are back! I just found your blog and then you were gone ;o(

    And I agree with the others, your Mom is stunning, and what a great complexion!

  5. Hello Manths-
    I am happy to blog again and I am doing all i can to stay!
    My mum will be tickeld with all these compliments. It takes very simple things to brighten up her day. Kudos to your mum and everybody's mum out there!
    There is a nice poster i saw that says-
    MOTHERS- they are like fathers, only better!

  6. Hello Ali!
    My mum thanks you!
    This was taken when she must be 26years old or so during the Vietnam war.

  7. Hello again, Barefoot Domestic Goddess!
    Thank you and am touched that I was missed. But I will try everything i can to stay blogging for good!
    Hello to ur mum as well!

  8. your mom is so pretty! and i love that rowenaism:) the "dumbass" part is a great touch. haha

  9. oh my god, she is stunning.

    ( pencil post was awesome.)


  10. Aww this post has made me so sentimental... I miss my mum so much, she's far away from where I live (different countries) and wish I could tell her this everyday...:)
    Your mum was absolutely gorgeous:)

  11. I agree with Ellstah, it seems like it's going to be this sweet saying, but then the dumbass really adds that special something it was lacking. ;)


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