Prelude to the Lipstick

Prior to make my next blog post on lipsticks,  I would like to ask for audience participation from you, dear readers.

It is quite simple what I ask - in your own words, can you please tell me the qualities that affect your decision for the purchase of a lipstick?

It will help if you enumerate it from 1 onwards, 1 being the most important criteria.  But if you feel that simple enumeration is not enough and you need to explain more in a sentence, a paragraph, an ode, a haiku, a sonnet, a novel- please feel free!

Answers in english are preferred but if you have difficulty in English, you may write in your own language- Deutsch, Vlaams, Nederlands, Français, Italiano, Espagnol, Português, Dansk, Norsk, русский язык, Tagalog, हिन्दी, 日本語, 汉语/漢語, 한국어/조선말, ภาษาไทย, العربية .. heck any language catered to by google translate.

This will help me write the article in a way that best addresses your main concerns.
Thank you in advance and have fun!


  1. Sa aking mga kababayan, kahit po kasing tatas ko managalog ang mga komunista at praise the lord sa atin, nung umalis ako ng Pinas ay "Take it Away With Joe Quirino" pa ang showing sa primetime. Kaya pakiusap lang po, medyo alalay lang sa Bekimon at Jejemon dahil wala pa sa google translate niyan.

  2. 1. Color
    2. Consistency
    3. Coverage (I like semi-sheer)
    4. Cost

    My four C's, and I like lipstick better than diamonds.

  3. Sandi has a good top 4. way to go on the C's!!!!

    1. Color: I wont buy a lipstick whose color payoff sucks just bc it's by a certain brand

    2. Ingredients: I want it lacking irritants such as 99% of the "plumping" lipsticks or glosses. No mint oil, rosemary oil, lavender, etc.

    3. Smell/taste: some lipsticks have a foul smell and coincidentally taste. (Think back in the 90's clinique's lipsticks, or Revlon) I dont want something that tastes and smells like playdo anywhere near my face

    3. Moisture ( i have dry lips and i'm obsessed with all things greasy on my face, on my skin.....on my lips.....)

    4. Texture-- i hate gritty lipsticks with shimmer

    5. Cost-- I'll occasionally dish out $26- for a lipstick if it's made of blowjobs and gold. no just kidding. the color has to be great and the texture has to be great

    cant wait for this post rowena!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mmm, difficult one.
    1. Color is pretty important. It has to suit my skintone and cannot make my teeth look more yellow than they are.
    2. Moisture. I also have very dry lips so I hate lipstick that dries out my lips.
    3. And I think the finish is important. I like them not too sheer, not too matt and with a little shine.

  5. 1. Colour
    2. Texture (no dry mouth because I am wearing lipstick!)
    3. Way of applying the lipstick (by which I mean the tubes for lipgloss, brushes, ...)

  6. I go by:

    1. Color
    2. Moisture
    3. Duration (has to stay ON!)
    4. Cost

  7. 1. color
    2. moisture
    3. lightness (some feel like you just french kissed and oilman when you wear them)
    4. stay on factor
    5. cost

  8. 1. Moisturising texture - I have dry lips and vertical lip-lines, therefore I hate matte or satin finish
    2. Smell - I prefer 'no-smell' and hate those fruity or weird smell
    3. color
    4. package - I know it sounds silly, but it really counts....

    Can't wait for the post!

  9. I have rather fine lips, especially the upper one and I eat my lipstick. I have never found a perfect lipstick for girls like me. I don't like a superdefined look on myself, just a dab of color patted on with my fingers, so I need a nice color (skintone flattering)and staying power without drying out your lips.

  10. 1) Color and Texture go hand in hand for first. I won't buy a lipstick if one of these factors don't meet my standards!
    2) Price. Why would I buy a lipstick more expensive than a MAC lipstick, when MAC has fabulous color selections and great texture across the board?
    3) Staying power. Usually I have to purchase a lipstick to figure this out, but if it doesn't last at least 3-4 hours without fading, I return it.
    4) Smell. I can air out a product to get rid of an artifically added scent after buying it, but if it's absolutely horrible and has the disgusting makeup smell I'm sure we all know of, I won't buy it.

  11. Smell is my first put off with any product. If it has an intense smell I tend to stay away. Granted unless its supposed to have one like flavored chapstick.

    texture- gritty, chalky= no go

    cost is always a factor. I am not willing to pay big bucks for a product that I dont love.

  12. 1. pigment, pigment, pigment! I am so tired of lipsticks not coming through with color.
    2. coverage and last
    3. consistency
    4. cost...i am willing to pay for a great product, but it has to be worth it!

  13. 1. color (I like semi-sheer with shimmer, no creme-finishes. and no bold in-your-face red. And I prefer lip glosses instead of lipsticks. they look cuter, they feel moister and I love the wet looking finish)

    2. smell (I always sniff at the test-lipsticks before I decide if I leave or get interested)

    3. consistency, as far as that is noticeable when applying the test-lipstick on the back of my hand or wrist. I never try out the test-ones on my lips, I think that's very unhygienic, though I've seen girls and women do it *shrug*

    4. mustn't dry out my lips. unfortunately, that's something you only notice after you have worn the lipstick for a while.

    5. price
    I prefer lip glosses to lipsticks, because I love that glossy wet-look or shimmery wet-look, but I have never paid more than $8 for either. Usually they cost around 4 bucks and are from a standard drugstore brand.

    6. company
    there are some companies I don't like the image of and I don't buy stuff from them. I just don't ^^

  14. 1. Color - I always see plenty of plums and pinks and reds but never enough peaches. Not to mention that there are almost identical colors in each brand's collection.

    2. Coverage. I have very pigmented lips, and I happen to not like the natural color hence me wearing lipstick. If I wanted something sheer, I would buy a gloss.

    3. Cost. I am a college student, hence tuition always punches me in the gut every semester. I want a lipstick that meets my criteria up above that also lets me not have to save up for it. 10$ max.

    4. Packaging. I like my makeup to look pretty, not dated. LOOKING AT YOU L'OREAL.

    ALSO. For fucks sake, please companies, put a protective seal on your lipsticks/cosmetics in general. Many times I've gone to see a color and instead its some disgusting blob of its previous life as a makeup item.

    (my captcha was Lippi!)

  15. For me that would be:

    1. Colour
    2. Finish
    3. Texture
    4. Price

    That's basically it, if these factors meet my standards, a lipstick is short-listed.

  16. 1) Color
    2) ingredients (can you explain why some brands have lead in them and not in others?)
    3) texture
    4) price

  17. 1. Color
    2. Texture (has to be smooth, slightly glossy, no shimmer or glitter)
    3. Stayingpower (I hate those long lasting formulas that dry out lips, but also can't stand lipstick with too much slip so they disappear in 10 minutes)
    4. Fragrance (personally I love the vanilla smell MAC lipsticks have, I hate lipsticks that have a heavily parfum smell like L'Oreal)
    5. Price (we pay absolutely ridiculous prices in Europe, most of the time we pay double the U.S. retail price for a product!)

    Personally I think the new Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks come very close in being the perfect lipstick, the only downside is the hefty pricetag of almost €29 euros.

  18. I have to add packaging to the list ^^ the brand "essence" just changed their packaging for lipsticks from a really nice satin silver to a totally cheap looking plastic case in about the same color as the lipstick inside. the cap is see-through in the middle, so you can see the color of the lipstick, but it looks terrible and not nearly as nice as the former silver casing.

  19. 1. Color - I try to make sure it will compliment not detract. I'm dark skinned (silver, hot pink and blood red don't go well even though many have tried to pull it off and failed.
    2. Texture - There's nothing worse than applying the lipstick it looks like you put mud on. It's suppose to be a nice shiny finish.
    3. Moisturizer - I try to get the lipstick with the moisturizer in the middle because my lips get dry.
    4. Price.

  20. 1. smell
    2. color
    3. texture/moisture (can't tell until it's been worn for a while; if I don't like the way it feels I won't buy that type again)
    4. packaging (yup, sorry, I like a nice looking tube)

  21. *Color (compliments my skin tone.)
    *Thickness (not to thick or thin)
    *Glossiness (I like it mostly glossy)

  22. 1. farge
    2. følelse/tekstur
    3. lukt
    4. brukbarhet

    (Or if you don't want to use google translate:
    1. colour
    2. feeling/texture
    3. smell
    4. usability)

  23. hi rowena,
    what happened to your lipstick post? it was only online for a short time and then disappeared?

  24. Hi Caitlyn, I am flattered that you noticed. Well, it is back and it is BADder- in a good way- with explanation why it is removed in teh first place. Hope you like it! Comments are always welcome!

  25. gotta love the colour
    gotta be moisturising
    lovely packaging x

  26. Hi Nicola,

    I have been looking at your blog and notice that we have the hair passion in common. Hope to have something for you on that respect soon. Happy holidays!!!


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