Color match like a pro

This is a special tiny blog in response to a query by one of my fabulous followers, Vonzi who asks for a brand of the really black liners.

First, when we use "carbon black"  we tend to brag about it (if it is still news, that is).  So you can just pinpoint those who say black in so many superlatives.

Second, I have seen a lot of great reviews of beauty bloggers out there who are more hands-on and more into brands (If I can, I try not to name brands here).  And I believe you will be in good hands with their recommendations, you just have to sniff the real McCoys from the paid bloggers.

Third, since this blog aims to teach you how to fish and not to give you fish-  I have included here a little practical tip for you.

Here it goes with a very marketing blurb intro:
 Will your life never be the same without your discontinued shade of lipstick ?
Have you ever had the perfect shade of foundation in an old texture and would like to find the same color in a better formulation?
Or have you ever bought what you thought are identical shades of green eyeshadow only to find upon application a gargantuan difference (which is - the original makes you simmeringly* sexy, and the other one, makes you Shrek, the sequel)?
In these instances, it helps to learn a nifty little trick used by the pros.

How to counter color match!  Yes, Virginia- there is a proper way!

Since this is instructional, it is best to demonstrate with a video which i enclosed below.  Sorry, there is no voice for now.  I am not yet ready to cross over to audio.
  1. First, you smear the original color on your arm in two diagonally opposing bars.  You mark that "control" with a check.
  2. Then, you smear the color you are considering, opposite the two bars.
  3. This way, you can compare the two colors better.
    Easy, but powerful trick that could save you millions!
Note, this works with emulsions (liquid liners, mascaras, foundations), powders, pencils and lipsticks.  Unless you are sadomaso, try not to try on your arms with nailpolishes!

Go forth and color match!

*yes, i do invent words every now and then, if i do not find the one that i need in the dictionary.


Another tip- you do not need to spend a lot with those make up removers.  
One of the best that we use are- drumroll please.....
Baby Wipes!


  1. That is a brilliant trick! Thank you! Now I just have to remember not to completely use up whatever it is before searching for a replacement...

  2. I always look forward to reading your blog. =] Great post!

  3. Thanks so much!!! Super helpful! I never knew there was a more precise way of swatching to be honest.

    also, I like your idea of fishing vs just ordering a salmon!!


  4. I also find that putting half on each side of the lips for lipstick works wonders too- even if a shade shows up as being different on a swatch test, on the lips it can still look the same. :)

  5. Hi Brown Eyed Sue-
    If you do that with a public tester lipstick, to somehow avoid contamination, open the bullet fully and apply from the side, not the tip of the lipstick. A tactic I had to devise as i need to try public samples and have contracted many a bacteria in the process. Not pretty!:-)

  6. Good tip. I use baby wipes to clean my bulldog's wrinkles, so I have lots around.
    Thought it may provide a laugh.

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