Those outrageous, outrageous claims!

(Photo Credit: Vilma Santos in Mars Ravelo's Darna)

You know why mascaras are coming up with outrageous claims nowadays? 

It is because the industry has found ways to test and quantify test results - that is all. It is not necessarily because we develop better products.

I once developed a baby called 5000% volume mascara. Somebody sued us for making outrageous claims. 

Our defense was easy - yes, we claim to increase lash volume 5000% - but to attain that, you have to stroke your lashes 5000 times. 
And did you? I don't think so. Your honor, i rest my case.

And really, no use suing cosmetic companies.  Do we HAVE lawyers!  
One very evil juggernaut of a company's side business is actually to trademark, register and patent everything- (even those technology not belonging to them!) , then sues everyone who vaguely resembles these patents and- wins!  How I pity the supplier that cross their paths.  
Why, I suspect that their main source of income is actually from litigation.
This mascara is still a bestseller.  
Doesn’t matter if majority who tried it are disappointed. The way I have this bold claim makes them buy. Then in 3 years, I will launch another sexier bolder mascara and the evil cycle begins.   

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