The BB on BB Creams


Beauty Balm has the same initials as Beauty and the Bullshit. 

Coincidence?  I think not.

I have been ignoring all this BB cream hooha for the longest time - i figure that at some point,  all this -

developed by  ( insert adjective) German doctor,
does (insert logic-defying miracle wonders) heals scars
and (call existing feature by a new name)  a skin care and make up all in one
and used by (insert adjective)Korean actresses

story is anything but new and I thought, nah, nobody falls for that anymore!

Or you will find it intriguing, try it, then find that this new cream is the same as the old one and you will move on and be all the wiser after having made cosmetic companies richer just by a few billion dollars. 

However, the day that some marketing joker who is late in the BB game and had to make it up to his disgruntled executive board else he will lose his job has combined AA(Anti-Ageing) + BB  to come up with the “genius” CC cream or as some version would have it, have color correction aaaaand even go to the length of giving you comparative charts that "guarantee" like this for example-

and women are now scrambling all over again to rid themselves of the BB  to get the CC – the time has come for a serious bullshit intervention.  Enough of this madness!

BB creams are bullshit. 

Think about it.   Just what do all BB creams have in common?
·      BB creams can come in all kinds of textures, they could be light to heavy
·      They can come in all range of coverage from sheer to full coverage
·      They revel in their multifunctionality- some have SPF, some have light diffusing age concealing ingredients, some have healing properties, skin care and makeup in one, concealer too...yadda yadda yadda.

Well, hello ordinary foundation.  Nothing unifies all BB creams except for that BB story. 

So ask yourself before you junk your ordinary liquid foundation for some BB or CC or whatever the FF cream they might be peddling next- aside from that tired story, what difference does your BB and CC cream have from your “ordinary” liquid foundation?


There are 3 morals to this story-
  1. Don’t junk your old trusted cream to try the BB just because it is BB
  2. And don’t pay for more just because it’s BB.
  3. Insert (new name)CC to BB in the first 2 statements whenever something new comes along.


  1. Thanks for this post. I didn't understand BB creams either for I thought they were just glorified tinted moisturizers.

    I admit I bought a CC cream because I wanted a tinted moisturizer. Other than that, I just sometimes find the old fashion way of mixing my fave foundation with moisturizer is the better way to go!

    Congrats on your new capital adventure! Great idea for glasses and sunglasses!

    1. Hi Olivia! My pleasure! BB creams started out I believe as tinted moisturizers, but since it really is just a made up marketing concept, brands got liberal and just released them in all types of coverage.
      Oh and thank you for the good wishes. I hope this launch could really allow me to have more blogging time:-)

  2. I don't know how could I live without a PORTOCCHIALI up to today. I NEED ONE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

    1. Oh thank you Lil! I know what you mean, these were my thoughts exactly once i started using it.

  3. PS: Rowena, you are the best! <3 Love your blog!

  4. Aw! You do not know how much your comment has cheered me up. Thank you, and i lurv you back!

  5. i love your blog but here i would like to object a bit :) european and american BB/CC creams are a total bull shit of course,
    But Korean ones, original ones, they are really different. In case you have never tried them - you should. I started to like the foundation only after i tried it. And i still think they are way better that a common european-US foundations :)

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you for the comment and for speaking your mind. I love it!
      There is no conflict of opinion here- I agree with you that Korean skin care and make up are really great, one of the best you will find.
      Most Korean BB creams are excellent but not because they are BB creams, just that Korean shit are better in general and BB creams is what they are about for the season.

  6. I bought a Korean BB cream on eBay long before the BB cream craze here in the States. I loved the formula but it was far too light. Anyhow, I was jazzed when I saw they were being launched in the States. Then I bought one. I wouldn't even call it glorified tinted moisturizer! I've had a few that actually caused me to break out or made more look more pale and sickly - quite a feat considering I have brown/tan skin.

    What I don't get is why American companies didn't just copy the Korean formula and make a wider range of shades. Why pull this bullshit? Oh well. I guess if you can dupe the majority of people and make money hand over fist, why give a damn.

  7. Hi Devil I might know:)
    Hmm, BB creams are just ordinary foundations that are given a marketing spin. The difference is all in the mind. And as in all foundations, some are more tinted than others, so it can run the range of just slightly tinted to full coverage.
    As for copying the Korean foundations, not straightforward, that will actually entail a development of a new base read: spending money on real R&D. As BB cream is a marketing made term, an American company doesn't need to develop a better formulation just to jump into the BB bandwagon.

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