Chapter 1: It gets better

You’re on a boat

Along with 20 people, one of them is a baby.
You are floating at sea in darkness, surrounded by enemies looking for you.
If anyone makes a sound, the enemies might hear and will kill you.
If the baby cries, you can all be dead.

Will you kill the baby?


I recently had a reunion with my ex-colleagues from a Beauty Industry Giant.

Though most of us have moved on doing our own thing, one of my colleagues, stayed on to become the global company’s head honcho. Mr. Big Shot.

He hubnubbed with influential people and profess to being the deciding factor in our country’s current President’s election.

Curious, I asked what his take was on the President, a known henchman of the poor.

To which, after giving me the boat analogy, concluded …

“He is the father that this country needs.
He will pull the trigger himself and kill the baby to protect the many.”

He asked me If I’d kill the baby.

“Hell no”, I answered.

“Ah, you’re idealistic. You don’t count.”
And he dismissed me and my opinion from then on.

My knee jerk reaction was to say this:

You don’t kill a fucking baby, you monster!

But someone wise inside me said.

Will this reaction solve it? If not, do not waste your energy.


And so, I said:

That is a great analogy. May I use it for my book?

To which he graciously responded:

“Sure! And send me an autographed copy.”

So yes, my inner pussy won. 

Because she is right.

It was pointless at that time to get into an argument.  And if I may quote my favorite drunk, Churchill:

You will not reach your destination if you throw stones at every dog that barks.


In life, it is important to ask the right questions.
The question is not whether to kill the baby or die. 
The real question is :

How the hell did we get here?

How can we, “intelligent” “human” “beings” allow the baby, fruit of our loins, our future...
without shelter
floating on a boat
in darkness
surrounded by enemies,
and its own people ready to kill “it”

if it dared to cry. If it dared to breathe. If it dared to whimper.
If it dared to weep at what we have become.

What have we become?

And knowing what we have become, is there a way out?


Somebody wise once said:

“Either you solve it from the root or you leave it the fuck alone.”

But what is the root? 
Who is to blame? 
Where do we start? 
How do we start?

And so this book.

It will give you answers.

And it knows that you, guided with clarity, will follow your heart, and solve it from the root.


That, or the baby dies.

And by the way, plot twist:

You are the baby.

You are the plot twist.

Author's note:  This is the beginning chapter of my book which is tentatively titled:  
Do the math. A traveller's cheatsheet to life or
Life Roadmap. Cheatsheet by Number

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