Clint's Rules + Rowenaism N°4

(Photo credit: Rita Hayworth)

In spite of the fact that I swear like a shoemaker- (and yes, shoemakers,  for I do not know what reason, are the swearingest people that ever walked this civilized earth),  I would like to believe and assure you that I am a positive person.  
Speaking of shoemakers, let me tell you a little more about me -  I grew up in a town that makes shoes.  The people are hardworking but are also easygoing- so we make shoes 6 days a week and on the 7th day, we spend all that we earned and then some.  (At least we do not need to buy shoes- which is where most women go bankrupt on.)
We greet each other with "Hey you son of a b*tch, I haven't seen you a long time, what the f*ck have you been doing with your life?"  Which is our way of expressing our most sincere love, respect and appreciation of each other. 
I wish I was making this up, but this is all true.   Unfortunately,  you cannot verify my statement at wikipedia - but, perhaps I can ask our town mayor to write a certification of some sort on this matter.  Needless to say, I love my small town and its people very dearly.
So to those who are  offended with my filthy shoemaker mouth,  I offer you my sincerest apologies from the bottom of my heart - and I f*cking mean it.  Really.  I swear on all the shoes that our town has ever made.

Anyway, as I couldn't wrack my brains all the time with all this cosmetic bullshit (heck, blogs are supposed to be fun for both you and me!),  I interject it every now and then with thoughts of positivity- and believe it or not, this is one of them.

So, if the love of my life, Clint Eastwood, can have his Clint's Rules, which I enclose here- specially formatted by me in his honor, then I also have my Rowenaisms starting with Rowenaism N° 4 here.

(Photo credit: Clint Eastwood)


  1. :D :D :D
    Well said milady.
    About that Shoemakers' Town.
    Still the same size BUT is a CITY now..!
    Kind of MISSED that place though.

  2. Hey Audie- Wow! Somebody from my beautiful town. Then you can attest that what I am saying is true:-)
    Yes, it is true, they call it a city now but the townspeople remain as wonderful as they have always been.

  3. AHHH! Best Rowenaism ever, IMO. I think I will adopt it as my new life plan. :-D

  4. Daily Nail- go set the town on fire!

  5. YES Rowena.
    And it took a "Hero" to make it to a City.
    Hope to visit it soon IF ONLY I could find my Spartan tsinelas.
    :D :D :D

    Nice to hear some acknowledgements about your (our) roots. I reckon a lot of people must have read this article and WARMLY felt what you've written.
    HOW those "Magic Words" made us of what we (well some or most of us) are today wherever we may be.

    I may NOT be inclined on your Beauty topics BUT love your Bullshits. SO keep up with your dry sense of humour here.

    And MAY the cursing.
    I mean the FORCE be with you.
    INGAT na lang sila sa iyo........... :)


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