Guru, shmuru

(Photo credit: Marlene Dietrich)

I marvel at how many self-marketing “experts” can declare themselves “gurus” with a straight face.

We all have to pay the mortgage but do you really have to buy your own BS?

I mean guru is a title you can bestow upon yourself without having done any studying or real world experience.  You just have to really, really believe in your own mind that you are big deal - and voila- you can call yourself a guru and carry around a scepter while you are at it.

If them gurus insist on calling themselves such, then I am the High priestess of Bullshit and I will have them gurus as my petal throwers, thank you!


  1. Though I think that you should certainly retain your title as the High Priestess of Bullshit, perhaps it will make you feel better to know that the term "guru," especially in regards to make-up, is one that is taken on in the online beauty community due to YouTube channel classifications. Back in the day, it was the way that makers of make-up videos like myself could differentiate ourselves from the other types of video makers--and it was totally YouTube's word choice, as I certainly was not a make-up guru when I was given the title! I am now vain enough to proclaim that I'm a guru, but I don't really expect or care if others agree... ;)

    Anyway, hope that sheds some light!

  2. Hi Amy- Yes it does- thank you!
    So I have youtube to blame for bastardizing the word "guru".
    I checked out your website- and hell, you know your shit! If I may be so graphically vocal. Love the posting- thank you!

  3. I don't like people calling themselves "Gurus" as I think they kind of reckon themselves when they do and it looks and sounds wrong.
    It's ok for other people to call you that but not yourself.
    When they say phrases such as...other gurus like me...or something along those lines I always think..who do you think you are? And I loose a bit of respect for them.
    Anyway, just me.
    Love your blog Rowena...keep the informative posts coming.

  4. Thank you Mercedes-
    In fact you are right, it is only right if other call you that.
    It is like if you want to be cool or fun, calling yourself that, defeats the purpose.

    Like- 'the fun make up for cool people' - wow! double suicide:-)
    Holiday cheers!


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