Goodbye Cruel Corporate World!

You know those goodbye emails that people send when leaving a company? Well, this one was mine when I left the cosmetic corporate world for good...

Subject: Thank you and then some

Dear Colleagues,

My last day today here at *bip* - no wise words from the departing, just a big thank you to everyone especially to the "French Cleavage Club"* without whose help I will be leaving empty-handed.

Before I leave, there are just some things I want to get off my chest-
  • Colleague who lost his wife's anniversary present bracelet, I have a bracelet exactly like that you have lost. Price is 1000€.
  • Ms. Office Manager, I confess to pouring coffee on the company plants. But it was an accident- both times.
  • Ms. Receptionist, I am guilty of the loss of some of the office cutlery. I accidentally threw them into the garbage and it was too icky to fish out. To make up for it, I propose to take the cute lunch delivery boy out to lunch.
There has been a lot of rumours what I would be doing after this company. Here are just some of them:
- that I will be joining the Pussycat Dolls, whose lead singer is rumoured to be pregnant
- that i will be founding my own religion called "Rowenaism"
- that I will join this company's arch nemesis and am getting paid twice my salary here
- that I will settle down with my 20 year junior boyfriend, and bake cupcakes for a living
- that I will be creating my own cosmetic company, called R'ôweal
Well, you just would have to watch this space and google my name in 6 months time to find out.

In the meantime, since this is a time for honesty, I wish I could say I will miss you all, but I cannot.

Till then, I wish you to look good, have fun, earn money, - the *bip* way!

Ex-Global Priestess of Bullshit
and oh so relieved about it!

NB: Soon as I sent this email, my email addy was disconnected so I didn't receive all the fan mails afterwards.

* more on the French Cleavage Club in my next blogs


  1. Do you mind if I mention your blog (with the full link posted so others can click directly to your page?) My blog is Called Make Up Tigers,its on Facebook, and it is my insights, thoughts and listings of other blogs, youtubes regarding cosmetics I love.. Thank you, and stay as lovely and honest as you are..


  2. Hi Jo!
    Not only that I will not mind, i will really appreciate it. If you let me know the link I would be happy to put a link to your site here.
    happy holidays!

  3. Hi Rain Girl! Up to now i wonder if that email was extremely brave or spectacularly stupid. But one thing is definite- it felt goooood!

  4. I love this. so brave and you've got so much character! no bullshit can put you down! :)

  5. Hi Kumiko Mae!
    Why thank you! That kinda sealed shut my corporate carreer- haha! But the feeling was priceless!

  6. Replies
    1. so late a reply from me- but, here goes- i love you too Tuturella


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