Corona, The Cure


Author's note:  I wrote this when Corona quarantine started.  See for yourself if it aged well.

If there is something I learned from the Corona virus, it is that nothing can keep an Australian from wiping his ass.

So yeah, hey… this must be the zombie apocalypse right?

I mean people hoarding ice cream as if saying, fuck you, if i am going to die, i will die with diabetes.
And what about those passengers mauling a contaminated fellow passenger? Animals or heroes?
And that fat Aussie ready to strike a grandma for toilet paper? ok, ok, i get it. you dont wanna die with a dirty ass. keep the toilet paper. 
We are pretty fucking low right now, im not gonna lie.


The rich can avoid the crowd, the poor is the crowd
The rich can panic buy. The poor, can only panic. No buy.
The rich can go on leave. The poor, no work, no pay.

This is the real social distancing.*


Or does it.  Really?

The virus is the antidote,
the curse is the cure,
the pain is the pill

You see, because of corona virus, you can:

start the diet and exercise you have been meaning to do,
read the books you always wanted to read,
watch all the netflix you want (or porn, you do you)
play all the videogames you want
practice your art
Or maybe you can do some self care- put on a mask, give yourself a mani pedi, fix your hair, put on a nice dress and dance. And well, just love yourself.

You dont need to go to work or to class. You can spend more time with your family. (or sleep in as long as you want for those assholes who have no kids- that me)

Or if you find yourself with nothing, clinging to your life where all of us are headed, be still. 

Silence the mayhem in your mind and anchor yourself to your immoveable center.  Be still.

And  if ever the internet is cut (because nobody knows anymore) why not walk over to that neighbor or the homeless guy you never speak to?

Make sure you have at least one meter distance (because you are not an idiot) and ask him if there is anything that he wants before the world ends.  And just use that as a premise to get to know his story. 

You see, your neighbor also has a story to tell and mouths to feed. (And also there is no fucking internet fuck it)

So, what I am saying here really is:

The only enemy is ignorance and fear.
The only quarantine is in your head.



Of course we can die. We can all die. I am not that naïve, give me a little credit.

We are all afraid to die. But death is a fact.
We will all die no matter how we try to escape it.
If not by corona virus, by diabetes, heart attack, stroke, suicide, cancer, overdose, murder, a botched boob job or just most likely, from our own stupidity.

We will die. Fact.

And fuck knows when. We are all just deadman walking.

But that fear keeps us from living.
The great irony of life.


In fear, we have lost: 

  • Our right to land. (rent is bullshit. signed, science.)
  • Our right to equality. (high society instead of community)
  • Our right to good food. (use of land is decided for the greed of the rich)
  • Our right to water. (plastic poison, blech.)
  • Our right to education. (learning should always be fun)
  • Our right to freedom. (because police)
  • Our right to love. (because money)

and now,  our right to air.

Corona virus reminds us of our right to breathe.

Give space for air.

After the bottompless pit of greed,

the fire of hatred,

and the lust of water ….

our ONLY remaining freedom is air.


Give space to air.

Let your fear give space to love, free of greed, hatred and lust, and let us truly fall in love with life again.


For an ending always leads to a new beginning.

But while we are here in this feeble life of ours, ignorant of our almighty infinity, live with fear but take in the same dose of faith.


It is fear and faith in the same breath. In the same breath.

Balance fear with faith and you will be alright. We will be alright. We will get the joke that is life.

Life is an asshole. But it is our asshole. And we love our asshole.
But also rise up to the challenge and asshole back. All in good fun.

That is life. An asshole from which all the universe came from.

We are all but cosmic fart. Beaming from our own asshole.
And we all smell funny.

So, the real question is-

You have lived all your life in fear.

Will you also die a coward?


So, instead of wasting energy looking at justice and action fom the government and the 1% who have left ship, why not talk to your neighbor, get your community together (just 1 meter apart)  and start

  • working together in your community, so that everyone is fed
  • pounding on concrete so the land can breathe again
  • turning a blind eye from a homeless man taking shelter in the empty appartment next door
  • repurposing plastic factories as a place to share our art
  • congregating in churches but this time to share the songs that our hearts have suppressed

so if they ever try to arrest you, (which i know they wont because they already left ship), all you have to do is cough.

Cough as if saying fuck you. I am ready to die for this. I am done being afraid.

Use the corona virus to live and set yourself free.


when the internet is cut and you are faced with the emptiness of your reality, pamper yourself a little and hear your neighbor out. For he too, has a story to tell, a life lived, dreams unfilfilled and a love lost. Like you.

And see yourself in your neighbor. You know what to do next. Community, not high society. Equality, not snobbery.

PS 2
And as the internet is reconnected, after we have buried those who have lost, looking fit from that enforced diet that we really needed. Say good morning to a new beginning. And reembrace your neighbor with renewed appreciation.

“You are an asshole, but you are my asshole. I love you. But also fuck you.”

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